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SuperSlurry: Intelligent Soil Stabilization

What is SuperSlurry?

SuperSLurry is a soil stabilization product and application process used as an alternative to standard soil stabilization practices. SuperSlurry technology takes cement and catapults it into the construction world of the future. SuperSlurry has many technical, economical and environmental advantages over commonly used soil treatment substitutes. SuperSlurry is a liquified type I/II Portland cement material that has been 100% hydrated by water. Hydration of cement doesn't begin until the mixing operation starts.

The slurry mixture is a suspension of cementious proportions with admixtures to enhance its physical properties. SuperSlury is 60% solid additives and 40% H20 at a low viscosity and can be transported up to 8 hours without segregation. SuperSlurry is a dust free applicatoin that capitalizes on cement particle distribution. Technology on our applicator allows the cement to be metered to the recommended rate of the engineer. Portland cement slurry can be blended with supplemental materials such as: straight Fly Ash, CKD or ABD.

The ISS process of placing and handling SuperSlurry with Andale Paving has become a cutting edge process. Placing SuperSlurry includes the following steps:

Why SuperSlurry?

Technical Advantages of Cement Soil Stabilization

Economical Advantages of Cement SOil Stabilization vs Unbonded Bases

Environmental Advantages

SuperSlurry Process

  1. SuperSlurry is transferred from the tanker to the slurry wagon
  2. SuperSlurry is placed by Injection into the soil
  3. The SuperSlurry and soil are mixed using a pulverizer
  4. Cemented soil is then compacted to reach desired compaction
  5. Motor grader blades compacted soil
  6. A steel drum roller finishes behind the motor grader concluding the process

SuperSlurry trumps Dry Cementious Products

SuperSlurry is an environmentally friendly construction process that is not harmful to workers or bystanders. Its composition is more consistent than dry products after being mixed with the soil. Superslurry gets more utilization out of the cement, resulting in a decreased amount of cement required to reach the same results of a dry product. One ton of reduction in cement amounts to a one ton reduction of greenhouse gases. Less cement per pad also helps in time of cement and trucking shortages. SuperSlurry is faster to put down and kicks up much less dust, resulting in less maintenance to trucks. Requiring less water cuts down on water haul-in time, resulting in less site congestion, a safer work environment and ease of truck scheduling. The all weather ability of SuperSlurry allows for it to be applied on wet and windy days, allowing you to stay on schedule.

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