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Pre Cast Decorative Verti-Crete Concrete Walls


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Better Quality Product

Verti-Crete pre-cast concrete wallsOur Verti-Crete System of concrete panels allows you to produce walls and posts with the highly distinctive look of real stone at a fraction of the cost of stone masonry. Precast, seamless concrete walls and columns are more durable and faster to install. The realistic stone design is achieved through Verti-Crete’s proprietary vertical mold and form system, which allows the equally flawless impression of a stone pattern on both sides of the wall and all four sides of the column.


Verti-Crete pre-cast concrete wallsVerti-Crete walls are more durable and easier to maintain than nearly any other option. Unlike wood and vinyl fences, concrete will not warp, rot or yellow as time passes. Even compared to CMU block walls, Verti-Crete walls are stronger and more durable. Verti-crete walls stand up to fluctuations in weather and shifts in the ground better than block walls because they do not have the vulnerablility of mortar joints throughout the wall. Instead, our wall panels are joined with tongue-and-groove joints at columns everty thirteen feet. These joints give our walls the opportunity to drain moisture, which may cause destructive expansion and contraction with the concrete. As an added measure of protection against insidious moisture, our solid concrete panels are extremely resistant to water absorption.

Verti-Crete walls are also a great option when dealing with graffiti. Our fences are less likey to be tagged than vinyl or flat concrete block because Verti-Crete fences do not offer a blank canvas for graffiti. In addition, eliminating graffiti is easy with Verti-Crete walls. Unlike vinyl or CMU block, Verti-Crete fences do not require laborious scrubbing or power-washing. Our walls can simply be re-stained to cover graffiti so completely that you would never even know it had been there.


Verti-Crete pre-cast concrete wallsOur Verti-Crete walls look just as beautiful as their real stone counterparts, but the difference in cost is tremendous. On average, our fences cost a mere third of the price of a real stone wall and we can install much faster than a stone mason can.

Easily Installed

Verti-Crete posts are installed over footings with rebar anchors. After the footings are set, Verti-Crete’s hollow-core posts are set over the rebar to rest firmly on each concrete base. Panels are then set in place to fit securely with in notches cast into the posts. After each section is squared up and level, each post is filled with concrete to secure the connection between post and footing. This process results in a faster installation and more stable fence system.


Verti-Crete fences can fluidly handle changes in elevation and direction. This means that these walls are always a perfect fit, even when dealing with unusual changes in elevation or unique angles around the perimeter of a property.


Our Verti-crete wall system comes in two different molds of stone design and range from 6 feet to 8 feet high. These panels can be left un-stained or can be stained to resemble real stone masonry wall.

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